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Vehicle Service Technician Positions!

United Ambulance is looking for a well qualified Vehicle Service Technician! A Vehicle Service Technician (VST), facilitates the deployment of all United Ambulance vehicles including both BLS and Non-BLS Units. His/her role is to fully prepare units for active field duty. The goal of the creation and implementation of the VST at United Ambulance is to add efficiency, promote punctuality, and simplify the deployment process. Also, implementation of this program will help ensure adequate control of inventory and equipment, and to promote proper resource management.



  1. Have a high school diploma or GED
  2. Have access to reliable transportation
  3. Must be organized; showing attention to detail and multi-tasking.
  4. Safety oriented and foresees problems and works pro-actively to solve them.
  5. Self-motivated, disciplined with strong leadership qualities.



  1. Washing ambulances
  2. Inventorying and restocking ambulances
  3. Perform Routine maintenance ( Oil / Filter Changes )
  4. Maneuvering ambulances for efficient deployment


You Must provide

  1. Standardized Employment Paperwork


After Being Hired

  1. 10 Panel Drug Test may be required


You can email or fax your resume with a cover letter to employment@unitedambulancesmc.com or fax to 650-525-1155.